Most Caravans and Motorhomes have a vinyl floor fitted under the removable carpet sets. This cannot be replaced easily as it goes underneath all of the fitted furniture. Many of the colours Caravan and Motorhome manufactures have used are usually the same dark style of vinyl or an impractical white style which often makes them look uninteresting.

Up-Spec Leisure want to change this and give you the opportunity to fully personalise your flooring options. Our exciting and different textures of washable flooring will enhance the look and feel underfoot whilst maintaining the ease of cleaning that a vinyl floor offers. You will be amazed at how new flooring will not only make your van smell new again but change the ambience of the space.

These products are fully waterproof and suitable for outside as well. They make ideal mats for your awning if you don't want to get wet feet from the ground after taking your muddy shoes off.

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We offer a template service that will enable your new flooring to loose lay over your existing vinyl flooring. This eliminates any warranty issues if your van is nearly new. The edges of the new flooring will almost fully fit to the perimeter but maintain enough for material expansion and easy removal if required. Woven vinyl is only 3mm thick so clearance for doors and cupboards are normally fine.

Our selection of brilliant Chrome northwest cleaning products offer a variety of solutions to keep your new flooring looking at it's best, no matter what wear it endures. Visit:

Please get in touch if interested so that we can discuss your requirements and price options.