Termofol Heating System The heating film, which is made on the basis of new carbon crystal technology, can be used almost everywhere, no matter if it is a small house, campervan, greenhouse or large warehouse. This product has unlimited application possibilities, because it is only 0.38 mm deep and completely invisible after installation. This system is suitable to install under all floor types. The heating films works based on an electric resistance of the graphite and carbon. Power depends on the distance between the mentioned bands and the quantity of the graphite used. This technology uses infrared radiation.

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How infrared radiation works

The beauty of infrared heating is that feeling warm or cold doesn’t depend on the temperature of the surrounding air. Traditional heating, which is convection-based, relies upon the air temperature to increase before you feel warm. When infrared waves touch a surface, energy is released in the form of heat, irrespective of the surrounding air temperature. This explains why people on a winter sports holiday can enjoy a pleasant sunbath at low outside temperatures without feeling the cold. Unlike conventional systems, Infrared heating units heat the walls, ceiling and furnishings – not the air. Walls retain heat for longer than air and return warmth to the room. They stay dry, giving mould and mildew no chance to spread. A further advantage lies in the fact that there is no circulation of the air, therefore no dust is raised. Perfect for allergy suffers Our heating film is of the highest quality so we provide a guarantee for the heating system assembled by a professional installer for 30 years! there is no better, more advanced heating technology than a heating film. We are manufacture of the infrared heating elements panels and carbon heating films and can assume that the precision of manufacturing with a functionality makes it irreplaceable in its branch.