One Jack System

One Jack System: £199.00

Installation: £120.00

Total     £319.00

The system includes one jack, fitted to the end of your Caravan axle closest to the lock side.

On Tandem Axle Caravans, the jack is fitted to the rear axle which ensures both wheel are lifted evenly.

Although the jacks are primarily designed for ease of fitting Wheel Locks or JSB Hub Locks. The jacks could also be used to lift your caravan enough to place axle stands under the chassis or blocks under the wheels to assist side to side levelling.

Approximate system weight 8kg.

The easy-to-use controller can be located in a locker of your choice. This can be discussed prior to booking an installation date. 

Installation will be carried out at our premises in Warwickshire. We will only need your caravan for a maximum of one day to complete the installation!

All workmanship and components have a 12 month warranty.

Operation and safety instructions will be supplied. We will fully demonstration how to use your new Up-Spec Easy Jack to ensure you are familiar with the controls and safety procedures upon collection of your caravan.

Please get in touch with us to arrange a convenient date for installation or if you have any questions.

Payment will be taken for the jack system once your installation date has been confirmed.

Installation payment will be due upon collection of your Caravan.